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Stainless Steel

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What We Do

GREAT UCHETEX DYNAMIC VENTURES (RC: 3613875) has been working for over ten years in the development and fabrication of components in steel alloys with high nickel content, which are particularly suitable for high temperatures and corrosive environments used in various industrial and home applications.

We can assist clients in the very early stages of prototyping and construction drawing creation thanks to the expertise of our technical personnel and the knowledge we’ve gained building specialized components. We also work together to propose changes to achieve improved performances and a long lifespan through the investigation of alternative materials. On the other hand, if a used component doesn’t have a construction drawing, our technical staff can perform reverse engineering.


Throughout the past few years, there has been a significant evolution in the steel fabrication process. More fabricators are utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve the goods, streamline the production process, and ultimately benefit the client. Here are a few typical steel fabrication methods employed by GREAT UCHETEX:

Shot blasting:

The name comes from the process of blasting steel pieces with force to help prepare them for subsequent fabrication operations. Steel is frequently shot blasted for use on bigger, heavier objects


Steel welding entails joining several components. Because welding machinery produces that stability and rigidity between the pieces, it is frequently used for fixtures and fittings. High temperatures are used to melt the components together during the welding process, which solidifies after cooling.


Curved edges as well as rigid, straight shapes are often created during the manufacturing of steel. Steel rolling and bending are therefore abilities that fabricators need to possess. Given that steel is very pliable when heated, bending it helps generate a smooth finish that resists damage, cracks, and breaks. Several strange and distinctive designs are produced in this way.


Steel finishing aids in shielding the goods from harm from excessive corrosion, water damage, and other factors. Different coatings would be necessary at specific times depending on the uses and locations of structural steel goods.


Laser Technologies

For your upcoming manufacturing project, our business is pleased to provide laser cutting services. Whether the order is for prototypes, parts, or finished assemblies, we can produce anything. We firmly believe that using top-notch tools is the only way to get outcomes of the highest caliber. <p>

Our Process of Laser Cutting:
In order to create an accurate and precise cut, fiber lasers are applied to the material. In addition to being able to generate cuts at fast rates, this operation also produces precise cuts with exceptionally smooth edges. Melting a product rather than cutting it produces edges with minimal to no burring. You can be sure of the consistency of the cuts because laser cutters employ computer programming to make such perfect cuts.

In comparison to other comparable procedures, laser cutting offers a significantly better finished product while being versatile and affordable. A laser cutting machine is a fantastic manufacturing equipment in a sector where quality and precision are absolutely essential. For a number of metals including steel, stainless steel, super alloys, aluminum, copper, and brass, laser cutters produce incredibly precise cuts.


Fabrication services are at the core of what we do at GREAT UCHETEX. We have the most recent technology and knowledgeable staff to deliver the high-quality product you expect from a steel fabrication firm, from sheet metal and plate fabrication to structural elements to architectural metal work and weldments. Everything we produce is engineered in the most recent 3D CAD program before any work is done, which helps to increase quality and decrease the amount of production time required. Our team of fabricators and welders then start their job. Companies have relied on GREAT UCHETEX for more than ten years to provide them with high-quality fabricated metal goods, whether it be a little sheet metal bracket or a huge fabrication, one piece or 1,000. We specialize in fabricating, welding, and polishing stainless steel for both architectural metal fabrication and commercial items. Our main materials are steel and aluminum


All of your machined and fabricated components are brought together at the welding department, where assembly actually starts. As a welding contractor, we focus on welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We use pulsed welding machines to better control the amount of heat applied to a part, reduce distortion, and produce parts of higher quality. After the welding is finished, we provide a wide range of internal services. These services include acid cleaning and polishing of stainless steel welds, weld examination with dye penetrant and a lot more. We can assist if you're unsure about the best welding technique to use to finish your manufacturing project. Our in-house welding specialists can assist you in developing the optimal plan for each phase of the manufacturing process, including the kind of weld required to construct your finished product. Welding mistakes can cause significant issues with produced items. One of the main causes of manufactured goods breaking down, becoming twisted over time, or just not holding up is poor welds. We employ the best welding practices and hire only highly qualified welders as a result. Additionally, we use Qualified Welding Inspectors to quality-check each and every weld that we produce. We are quite certain that every weld we finish is of the finest caliber thanks to their competence.

Our Marketplace

  • 4 seater dining table Gold

    Dinning & Chairs Original price was: ₦185,000.00.Current price is: ₦180,000.00.
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  • Dining Table

    Dinning & Chairs Original price was: ₦175,000.00.Current price is: ₦170,000.00.
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  • Stainless Chair

    Dinning & Chairs Original price was: ₦20,000.00.Current price is: ₦18,000.00.
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  • Chair

    Dinning & Chairs Original price was: ₦26,000.00.Current price is: ₦25,000.00.
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  • Side Stool

    Dinning & Chairs Original price was: ₦11,000.00.Current price is: ₦10,000.00.
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  • Stainless Door

    Doors 250,000.00
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  • Gate

    Gates Original price was: ₦400,000.00.Current price is: ₦350,000.00.
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  • Gate (13”)

    Gates Original price was: ₦650,000.00.Current price is: ₦600,000.00.
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  • Olympic

    Accessories Original price was: ₦790.00.Current price is: ₦650.00.
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  • Gold Ring

    Uncategorized 100.00
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Our Traing Program

A dynamic and satisfying career is in metal fabrication. Working with steel, aluminum, and other rare metals will be enjoyable for you. Work in a team-based, technologically advanced shop environment. You will discover how to transform concepts and ideas into the future's manufactured legacies. In a store or field setting, you'll make more money than the ordinary person.

Metal Fabricator Foundation Training program.
Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship Program.

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